“We miss our students”: 6 teachers from the metropolis of Lille talk about their incarceration

At the end of the confinement, the return to school must take place between May 11 and May 25, depending on the class, but no more than 15 students per class.
At the end of the confinement, the return to school must take place between May 11 and May 25, depending on the class, but no more than 15 students per class. (©©Illustration/Fotolia)

All schools in France have closed their doors for 6 weeks. But the education continues. how the organize northern teachers? during the lockdown? How are they living up to the announcement of the recovery? from 11 May 2020? Six of them testify.

For 6 weeks now, the teachers have been trying to keep in touch with the students, and not just by giving them homework. There are video lessons, personalized contact with young people via email and the “Direct School” app, phone calls to families, to get news but also to solve a problem.

Teachers have often shown inventiveness and adaptability to allow all their students to attend classes and not lose their good work habits.

equip yourself

We had to rest ourselves first, as remembered Sophie Antoine-Deleporte, French Latin teacher at Saint-Joseph College in Saint-Andé-lez-Lille : “Just before the delivery, I ran to the supermarket to buy a camera and a microphone! It was the last one on the shelves…”

Recently, she asked her students to do a slam on Romeo and Juliet, such as Grand Corps Malade.

The theme was a declaration of love to someone, an animal or a city. They had to record it or do it live.

She does acknowledge that giving clear instructions has become difficult. “You have to constantly reformulate, because I am not physically present to answer the many questions from the students about the statements. †

Video lessons

She teaches one video lesson a day at 2pm sharp, “nap for my 3 and 4 year old kids! She works with the Direct School app, as well as a Facebook group for her 4th grade.” Once a week is I have a video meeting with my colleagues on Monday, she has 130 students to follow.

Videos: currently on Actu

We have always adapted, like after the attacks’

“We miss our students! This is the cry from the heart of Natacha Lefebvre, librarian and head teacher at the Sainte-Odile school in Lambersart

To keep teachers focused on the lessons, she is the one who calls the students and families in her class.

I take news, solve material problems. We borrowed computers, for some students who don’t have internet, I send homework by text… I gave my mobile number to be reachable.

His son is in the 6th grade of the same school: “He was able to attend via video his theater workshop planned with the establishment during these holidays! He is delighted. “She is confident about the possible recovery. “We have always adapted, like after the attacks with the exercises. We will have to find the words, explain the barrier gestures…”

Also manage family life

The difficulty of telecommuting, mothers know well, is dealing with young children on the job. Carole Bessé, French teacher at Sainte-Odile College in Lambersarthas three children aged 4 to 6 and her husband is a doctor.

I have to follow 80 students. I can’t do video lessons, my kids might interrupt me. I prefer to work in the evenings, when they are in bed, but that makes for a very long day for me!

“I answer emails from young people, who are very numerous, correct homework, prepare my lessons in writing. I realize how complicated it is to communicate in writing, without talking to clarify things. You have to be a ‘populariser’…”

We’ve lost young people, they’re dropping out. How to join them?

Caroline favors playful exercises: “I asked them to film themselves reciting a poem blindfolded! She takes notes, “but they don’t count, it’s just to see if the concepts are understood or not”.

Theater group too

Thibault Denis du Péage teaches in two colleges in Pérenchies and Linselles† He accompanies a theater group of 25 students on video at least once a day with 4 to 5 students each, also during the holidays. He regularly calls his students and gives video lessons “two to three hours a week per class”.

He trusts his establishment heads to ensure a serene and safe recovery. There are practical questions: “The classes are small on the surface, respecting distances, even in half a group, will be complex. †

Some students are no longer in the North, others do not have a computer. “We’ve lost young people, they’re dropping out. How to join them? » Should face-to-face and telecommuting be managed? Thibault says he is ready.

He is a philosopher: “We’ll see, anyway, we’ll know later if we really resume, it will depend on the 2nd wave or not. But we cannot applaud those who are mobilizing in this health crisis and position themselves on the other side by refusing to return to work. †

Agnès Saubiez is a French teacher at Savio College in Lambersart. She has 2 children aged 7 months and 3 years. She teaches 4 classes. “In the beginning I did visio with the students with the Zoom app. But we were advised against this app due to security concerns. There we use Padlet, we can also make live video. †

Every student and teacher in the lecture has an iPad.

The recovery, Agnès is ready, but wonders: “I think the conditions will not be optimal to work. We have become accustomed to working remotely, so have the students…”

A limited diary

At the college of Marcq, in Marcq-en-Baroeul, two initiatives make it possible to maintain the bond with the students in a friendly way.

“The librarians have created a liaison tool with families to share reading ideas and suggestions for interesting websites. And we launched ‘Marcq At Home’, a kind of newspaper, which is sent to all families by e-mail. We are working on our 2nd release. Everyone participates: child, teacher, staff, parent. You will find cooking recipes, poems, initiatives…”, delighted Igor Le Diagon, director.

Teachers wait impatiently and anxiously for the recovery protocol. Some, who have children who will not resume until May 25, are not sure how they will keep them by resuming on May 11 or 18.

It remains to be seen whether the resumption of classes will be validated in our region, classified red. To be continued…

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