School plan: creation of a new primary school in the city center

The city of Marseille continues its school renovation plan with: the establishment of a new primary school in the city center.

After the start of the total renovation project of the Saint-Louis Gare (15th arrondissement) school group last January, the city of Marseille is continuing its action for schoolgirls and schoolboys in Marseille and commits to the construction of a new primary school in the city center, rue des Abeilles (1st arrondissement).

Subject to strong demographic pressure, Marseille’s city center is experiencing significant school stress that can no longer accommodate students in the best learning conditions.
This new primary school will reduce the pressure from certain surrounding institutions and improve the quality of childcare and the working conditions of educational teams.

A new school for the well-being of children

The new primary school on rue des Abeilles will have:

  • seven modular classes;
  • two workshops;
  • library ;
  • a diningroom;
  • an indoor sports hall;
  • two outdoor recreation areas, including a 500 m2 courtyard and a 370 m2 space.

The project – at a cost of EUR 6,500,000 – includes:

  • the construction of a new building, rue Farjon, after the demolition of an old garage;
  • the restructuring of the existing buildings providing for the partial demolition and reconstruction of the annex.

A project carried out in consultation

As with all other School Renewal Plan projects, consultation is given priority. All everyday players in school life – teachers, municipal staff, parents of pupils, children – are in connection with the implementation of this project to think as much as possible about the construction and use of each

Taking structural, regulatory, urban and landscape considerations into account, the new Bee School offers:

  • on the ground floor: the main entrance, the reception areas for the parents (hall and boardroom), the infirmary, the canteen center, a recreation room with courtyard and student toilets;
  • At R+1: classrooms and workshops, the library;
  • at R+2: a 500 m² high courtyard with courtyard and toilets, the teachers’ lounge;
  • at R+3: classrooms and two workshops;
  • at R+4: a platform for sports development.

Discover the images of the project and the construction site

Project Images: © Step01 Mambo Architectures)
Site images: © City of Marseille

The working schedule

Start of work: March 3, 2022

  • Phase 1: demolition and earthworks / From March 2022 to the end of April 2022 (2 months)
    Demolition and asbestos removal of the old garage in rue Farjon, cutting and protection of the facade of the existing school building in rue des Abeilles, total asbestos removal and trimming of two floors of the building in rue Flégier.
  • Phase 2: shell construction / From the end of April to the beginning of 2023
    Infrastructure work (foundations, networks and crawl space), structural work.
  • Phase 3: Finishing / From early 2023 to late May 2023

Delivery: July 2023

An ecological and respectful construction site

The city of Marseille has put ecology and support for the local economy at the heart of its renovation project and construction site management.

The project thus makes it possible to design a school functionally and technically:

  • more comfortable for students and school staff;
  • energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally responsible with the use of concrete building materials sourced locally from regional professionals and meeting NF and CE standards. The precast concrete walls used on this site will shorten construction time and limit noise and environmental pollution. The existing plane tree on the site will also be preserved;
  • respecting the architectural importance of the site by preserving the facade of the old building, the first spring school and the pediment with a coat of arms of the city of Marseille.

A respectful construction site

The construction site will be carried out with a view to: to minimize the environmental impact and nuisance for local residents. This includes in particular:

  • limit noise and visual pollution;
  • respect the regular working hours and days;
  • use power tools with a decibel limitation;
  • prioritize constructive processes through prefabrication;
  • ensure a clean and well-arranged site;
  • recycle and sort materials through specialized channels;
  • reduce carbon and environmental impact by collaborating with local companies in the purchase of materials (beams, floors, facades, walls from quarries in the south-east of France);
  • implement a social inclusion project.

The construction site as part of the major renovation plan for the schools in Marseille.

Faced with the state of cessation of schools in Marseille for several decades, the city of Marseille has launched a major construction and renovation plan for its 470 schools to welcome the 80,000 Marseille children with dignity in modernised, more open and sustainable facilities.

To finance this grand scheme worth 1.2 billion euros, the mayor of Marseille received exceptional support from the state of 400 million euros in grants and 650 million euros in loan guarantees. This historic Memorandum of Understanding was ratified by the Mayor of Marseille and the Prime Minister on December 14, 2021, and finally approved by the City Council on December 17, 2021.

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