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Gregory Charles

Nathalie Collard

Nathalie Collard
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Year after year it happens that a personality from Quebec launches a shout from the heart over the school. Each time, these public outings are greeted by a section of the population with a brick and a beacon.

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These personalities are accused of not knowing what they are talking about, not knowing “the reality on the ground”, not being an expert… We hardly listen to the message, but we denounce the messenger.

Recently, the trio formed by Ricardo Larrivee, Pierre Thibault and Pierre Lavoie was criticized for their Lab-École project. The three men were accused of not knowing anything about education, they were being fooled, they were called “gurus”.

Sunday it was Gregory Charles’ turn to decide on the school. The same kind of epidermal response in social networks: “What is he getting into?”

It is worth explaining how Gregory Charles began to share his ideas on the screens of The press† It was the journalist Alexandre Pratt who contacted him to tell him about the generational differences in the different cohorts who took his singing and music lessons. The interview would be published as part of the “Un café avec…” section, which can be read on our screens every Sunday. However, in the course of the discussion, the topic of dropouts came up. Gregory Charles taught them for a long time. So he shared his many thoughts on raising boys. And he launched some proposals. In total the interview lasted 2h30min! The journalist found Mr Charles’ point of view interesting enough to devote an entire file to it.

Gregory Charles has not launched a political program. He did not run for the next Minister of Education. He never claimed to be an expert. But behind the tie, he still has several years of music and singing lessons. He taught dropouts. And he is the father of a little girl who goes to school. Experiences that give him some credibility when he talks about education.

Are all of Gregory Charles’s solutions excellent? No. And the main stakeholder doesn’t claim it either. These are ideas that are launched in the public square and can serve as a starting point for a conversation.

For example, you might think that separating the boys from the girls — an idea the host had already threatened on the show the misfits in 2015 – goes against the diversity and inclusion efforts being put forward in Quebec society. But that’s not why it’s forbidden to discuss it. Just as it is interesting to think about the dropout of boys, as our education system has still failed to solve this problem.

When Gregory Charles says school schedules are dictated by transportation companies, or that kids are not motivated in January, he’s right. Is it possible to talk about it without tearing his shirt?

Thinking about the Québec school is not just reserved for unionized teachers with a teaching license or officials from the Ministry of Education.

This is a fundamental question that concerns all of Quebec’s society and we all have a voice on this issue.

Of course, we may regret that a professor with 30 years of experience and a head full of ideas does not enjoy such a visible platform as Gregory Charles’s. We’ll discuss the privileges associated with celebrities another time, we’re not talking about that today.

The point is to welcome Gregory Charles’ statements for what they are: ideas on a subject close to his heart, education. It remains to be seen whether certain proposals should be kept. For that you have to have the space to talk about it without kicking the messenger down the throat.

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