I am mistreated at school run by angry locals after insane new parking system causes ‘chaos’ – Reuters

A mother says she was assaulted at the school run by angry locals after a new parking system caused “pure chaos”.

As part of a trial, cones have been used to separate the space from a bus outside Knockhall Primary School in Kent.

Mother Olivia Newman says she was abused by angry neighbors after ‘massacre’ outside Kent primary schoolCredit: Steve Finn
Cones have been used to separate the space of a bus outside Knockhall Primary School but some say this exacerbates existing problems at peak timesCredit: Steve Finn

But it caused “traffic chaos” for family members and neighbors, leading to queues in the streets during pick-up and drop-off times.

Olivia Newman, 30, who has a child at school, said: “This road is always a carnage at pick-up.

“It’s worse since the skittles. I have to arrive early if I want a seat.

“The locals are quite aggressive. One of them threatened to destroy my car.

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A three-and-a-half-year-old street resident said there were problems before the cones were added.

“It’s not the cones that are causing the chaos — they’re an added annoyance,” he said.

“It is usually the attitude and parking of the parents that are a big problem.

“It’s a quarter of an hour of pure chaos in the morning and evening with cars honking and people screaming.”

However, he said that once the trial began, the situation quickly turned into a “nightmare” because the school was unable to move the cones.

“The bus stopped in the middle of the road so no one could move,” he said.

“I got the offer to go out for fights and all sorts. Abuse is terrible. One of them told me to fuck off when I asked why she was parking in my driveway.

He said the easiest way to solve the problem would be for the municipality to install speed bumps and one-way streets.

The Sun spotted an Amazon driver blocking a resident’s driveway at 3:20 p.m. while visiting the road. A minute later, the school bus arrived and the street was packed with traffic.

Another local said the cones caused “a lot of drama”.


Kristy Rose, 35, a mother of two, said the lawsuit was necessary to “protect the children”.

“There is no possibility to go by bus. It’s crazy, it’s crazy sometimes – people are in such a rush in the morning,” she said.

“But the school has been here longer than the houses and they have chosen to live here.

“The bus must be able to park safely. The school is doing its best.”

Another mother, Emma Growers, 36, said the situation was “out of proportion”.

“They need the bus to get to the school,” she said.

I was offered to go out for fights…I was told to fuck off when I asked why she was parking in my driveway

“It is for the safety of the children. This is the most important.”

The altercation spread on social media and Nikki Wade, 39, mother of two, said: “The school has been around for 100 years and all the schools are occupied.

“Residents complain about everything on Facebook.”

A Woodland Academy Trust spokesperson said: “The safety of children using the Go-Coach bus service is a top priority for the school.

“The service is an agreement between Kent County Council and parents of children using the bus service.

“The school is testing a new system on a site in front of the school.

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“Unfortunately, the cones were moved yesterday, causing traffic jams.

“The local community is important to the school and the school is constantly evaluating and changing where necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of our children and the local community.”

Kristy Rose, 35, mum of two, admitted it could be
Kristy Rose, 35, mum of two, admitted there could be ‘chaos’ – but said locals had chosen to live on the streetsCredit: Steve Finn
Nikki Wade, 39, said:
Nikki Wade, 39, said: ‘Localists complain about everything on Facebook’Credit: Steve Finn
Locals say they're stuck in traffic twice a day because kids are dropped off and picked up
Locals say they’re stuck in traffic twice a day because kids are dropped off and picked upCredit: Steve Finn

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