False Covid Tests: The New Student Trick

HASWhen the Parcours supplatform panics the final year students, many teachers notice an increase in reasons for absenteeism related to the Covid in their classes. Using mock tests, pretending to be a contact… Some will stop at nothing to escape mock exams and other homework.

With the creation of Maëlle, an art history student and teaching assistant at a public high school in Val-d’Oise, school life and management have been battling different classes for weeks to avoid false certificates of contact cases. “In the beginning we weren’t too suspicious, it was before the closure of colleges and secondary schools when there were a lot of Covid cases. But since the return from the holidays, we have understood that the students greatly preferred home lessons and did not want to come back. This is where we started to see many students saying that they had contact with their mother, their brother and even their grandparents! †

A false test to push back the white bac

In these cases, the absence of a student from class can be up to 17 days if the contamination occurs within the family. “A freshman sent a message from his mother’s direct school interface stating that his father had Covid and they were all locked up for 17 days. But keeping in touch doesn’t stop you from taking the online courses… And it was by calling the mother one day to say her son wasn’t in much contact that we could traverse the versions. For her, a student in the class was a contact case, he had told us all lies! Maelle grumbles. However, it is difficult to request a medical certificate from a parent if it does not directly relate to the school-age child. For its part, the Regional Health Service (ARS) only has contact with a school if it is a Covid case within a class itself. “Especially because it is sometimes difficult for us to reach the parents if they are really sick and are therefore unable to talk to us…”, adds Maëlle annoyed. “This student wanted to use a fake antigen test to ward off the white bac! †

For Yannis, who teaches mathematics at a general secondary school in Seine-et-Marne, the class of which he is the principal teacher was at the heart of a strange affair of false tests whose consequences surpassed the student involved. “A week before the white bins, a student in my senior year warned his classmates on social networks that he had tested positive for coronavirus the same day. The instruction is the same every time, school life closes the class for a period of one week and the students have to be tested before returning to high school. The only bad thing is that they scheduled the white baccalaureate exams… But hey, the student sent today’s antigen test to school life, which confirmed his statements,” Yannis says, still stunned.

It’s very easy to take an old positive antigen test from a friend, or even find it on the internet, and hijack it.

The deception could have been orchestrated perfectly if the CPE, by calling every parent to warn of class closing, hadn’t taken the opportunity to warn the student’s father, a firefighter. “The father was in the truck with his colleagues and through secondary school he learned that he had contact and therefore had to leave the barracks. When we spoke to the school-age children, we still said there was no cost to call the pharmacy that issued the positive test. And bingo, the boy lied and he wanted to use a fake antigen test to push back the white bac! “The student in question was indeed unlucky: no Covid case was detected in the pharmacy that day.

“It’s very easy to take an old positive antigen test from a friend, or even someone who posted it on the Internet. I did it for friends of mine with Gimp, the free version of Photoshop, and I copy and paste letter by letter and number by number to adjust pixels. Like I’m cutting out of a magazine! A new name, a new date, and hop, with the bonus pharmacy stamp already present on the test, we are quiet for a mini week! says Oscar, 17, a high school student in Paris. And if Oscar has been very lucky thus far, Yannis’s student has been kicked out of the establishment straight away and only has the right to return for his baccalaureate exams.

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