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Bitcoin Code, the most talked about cryptocurrency robot

Bitcoin Code is the most talked about cryptocurrency trading robot, although generally in a negative way. On his website, he says that you could earn thousands of dollars a day with his system, although the broker where the deposit is made is not known until a minimum of $250 has been deposited. Will it be a regulated broker or not? The point, however, is that the bitcoin monetization system, defined as foolproof, is actually not foolproof at all.

bitcoin profit

bitcoinup is the most popular of many Bitcoin Code sister sites. These sites appear to be actually stenciled and probably the project (or at least the webmasters) is the same.

There are fewer details on the Bitcoin Profit website, but the story is the same: “deposit, then the system can make you a millionaire”.

With slightly different images, there are also more conditional uses and more familiar faces talking about bitcoin (not bitcoin profits) to leverage the public and attract new subscribers.

Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution same as above with the only difference that it focuses on the concept of “revolution”, or rather revolution, as if it is a people’s revolution against the system to enrich.

There is no continuous revolution and, of course, there is no certainty of profit. You can win, but you can also lose. When registering, you have to enter your name, surname and email address as with the others: but it is not possible to know in advance which brokers are used for trading.

Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution focuses on evolution, as if it wanted to focus on the evolution of bitcoin, which, however, has not happened.

Apart from the philosophies and predictions, this system is the same as the others seen before, therefore everything in the market, once submitted, is at your own risk.

Indicator Pro

Indicator Pro is a very good name, which calls for technical analysis, indicators and a professional approach. Unfortunately, however, Indicator pro is also included in the list of cryptocurrency robots that have no guarantee of winning at all.

Apparently there would be trading signals as well as others also offered for free by some brokers, but nothing more. Not a panacea for making money easily and in a short time.

crypto genius

Crypto Genius presents itself, in name, as the genius of cryptocurrencies, a system that is brilliantly successful in making money with cryptocurrencies.

However, no Nobel prizes have been awarded in this regard and the method does not seem to have a good reputation on the web, so let’s just say that Crypto Genius is like any other site that cheats with money promises easy with cryptocurrencies.

Let’s say the only genius is the publicity stunt and the marketing method, even if it’s too extreme.

Bitcoin victory

Bitcoin Victory takes advantage of the “victory” of bitcoin. A term that psychologically reminds of optimism, but you can never know with bitcoin.

It is true that you can happily trade both up and down and therefore there could also be a win before the fall of bitcoin, but we certainly cannot guarantee consistent profits as described by the site when it says “people are making rich with bitcoin”.

Sure, there are those who got rich with bitcoin, but those who bought it when it was a few cents or dollars, when it’s worth several thousand now.

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