Bitcoin (BTC) Price: Will the “King of Crypto” Peak at $81,000 This Year?

By the end of the year, Bitcoin’s price could approach $81,000, Finder experts estimate. Right after this new ATH, the queen of cryptocurrencies will trade again at $65,000.

Bitcoin price increase forecast by Finder panel

Bitcoin Price, a New Historic ATH in December

We have reported prophecies regarding BTC prices in large quantities on Cointribune. As recently as Sunday, the press echoed a new forecast.

This is according to a quarterly survey conducted internally by Finder. Recently, the comparison platform had to rely on a panel of 35 industry experts to better understand the future of BTC’s price. Results: The latter claimed that bitcoin would be worth up to $81,680 this year. But before it goes into 2023, it will see a drop of about $65,185.

Those same experts also said Bitcoin’s price could rise to $179,000 by 2025.

This forecast may seem very optimistic as the same panel predicted much lower prices 3 months ago. Occasionally, they have advanced a BTC price worth $76,360 at the end of 2022. What are the reasons for this change of mind? Probably the overweight of new conditions and economic indicators.

New predictions for 2025 and 2030

It should also be noted that the panelists have downgraded Bitcoin’s value for the year 2025. Indeed, they have fallen by 7% compared to January’s forecast, where they predicted a bitcoin at $192,800 per year.

For the year 2030, Finder experts have also taken the same precautions, to the point of lowering the price of bitcoin to $420,240. While they had previously forecast reaching a value of $567,472.

It’s also worth noting the existence of a distinctive weekly poll hosted by Finder. This practice is based on the expertise of 5 Fintech specialists who share their views on the trend Bitcoin will follow in two weeks. Usually, 3 out of 5 experts predict a bullish trend, and the rest bearish.

In last week’s survey, that breakdown changed dramatically: 1 was bullish, 1 was neutral and 3 was bearish.

Is bitcoin still an interesting investment?

Despite this change of course regarding the long-term price evolution of Bitcoin, many experts at Finder consider BTC to be an attractive investment.

67% of respondents believe that buying bitcoins is a wise decision at this stage. 24% bet on the Hodl of BTC. However, 9% of them suggest selling bitcoin holdings because they are too dependent on fossil fuels and do not respect the environment.

Blockware Solutions analyst Joe Burnett is part of the clan promoting the purchase of BTC. He thinks it’s the only asset in the world” without counterparty risk and without risk of dilution “. He does not even hesitate to consider him ” the world’s best savings technology

On April 24, Bitcoin’s price was close to $40,000. For further clarification, it was $39,535. This did not stop some analysts from counting on a gradual rise in prices towards the end of the year. And this despite the lows that have hit the crypto market lately. In any case, HODLers will not be afraid of this phenomenon as many are thinking of a record ATH in the near future, and in the far future.

Source: ZyCrypto

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