What further studies after a bachelor’s degree in management?

By integrating a bachelor’s degree in a management school, we aim for the bac+3 level. But after this diploma, you can choose to continue your studies. explanation.

After the baccalaureate, we don’t always want to study for five years† With a bachelor’s degree in management school, you sign for three years after your success in the competition. At the end of these three years of study, it is possible to enter working life or continue your studies to obtain a bac+5. Master’s degree, Specialist Master’s degree, how do you choose your field of study? Is it better to stay in the business school where you did your bachelor’s or to go to another branch? We make an inventory.

Generalists or offering specializations, the choice of bachelor in management is varied† And to identify courses with very good academic quality, the labels that are the visa and license degree can serve as a compass.

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Look for your first job after your bachelor’s degree or go for bac+5

But what to do at the end of this three-year bachelor’s degree in management? Of the 44 programs we screened for our 2022 bachelor’s ranking, 49% of graduates chose to find their first job

With internships and sometimes apprenticeship programmes, these courses ensure good integration into the labor market. However, integration rates vary greatly from site to site.† For example, the EGCs are very professional: for example, only 13% of the graduates of the EGC Valence continue their studies while almost 100% are at the ISC Paris.

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For those who take a penchant for studies, the doors are open † Louis, an undergraduate student at Kedge, understood this well. After studying in Switzerland, he tried HEC Lausanne, then decided to think about his orientation and did several internships.

“For my education, I wanted to avoid anything academic. What I like is the concrete: practical cases and group work.The appeal of the bachelor Kedge for me is the two six-month internships.”

After his bachelor he enrolled – still at Kedge – for the specialized master “International Purchasing and Innovation Management”, where he is now completing his final year. An education he had already spotted when he opted for a bachelor’s degree

Stay in his bachelor’s school to get a PGE or any other degree

like him, 49% of undergraduate students analyzed in our ranking continue their studies in the same institution , of which 19% within the Grande école program (PGE) and 30% in another programme. They are all the same 44% to continue in another establishment. And 7% fly abroad. Again, the differences are bigas ESCP sees 70% of its graduates go to an establishment outside our borders.

Varied situations because after the bachelor the counters are (almost) set to zero. While some schools facilitate admission to their courses, this is not always the case. You will definitely have to go through a selection againcalled parallel admission or title-based admission, if you are pursuing a PGE.

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A bac+5 to create more professional opportunities

At Ascencia, a school that offers six bachelor’s degrees, almost 88% of students continue their studies. Badr Jakani, deputy director of the Grande Arche campus, analyzes this choice: “Each student decides on his professional project”

According to him, the decision matures from observation. “In work study, the students realize that to have a responsible position, the bac+3 is no longer enough† Or rather, it’s much slower.”

To be eligible for an attractive salary you need a master’s degree Louis adds, “it gives more legitimacy”.

In his case, the strategy was built before even setting foot in the school. “I knew I wanted to get a bac+5, but I wasn’t tempted by a PGE in five years. I wanted give me the chance to refocus in another areaor to say yes, when presented with a golden business opportunity.”

At Ascencia, graduates integrate training in sales, events, digital or human resources. “We offer specializations in the 3rd year and they choose a course in line with their background

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