Premier League Players Can Be Paid In Cryptocurrency To Follow Former Arsenal Star

Premier League players could soon ask for part of their wages to be paid in cryptocurrency after former Arsenal fullback Kieran Gibbs explained why he receives half of his wages in Bitcoin.

The 32-year-old currently plays for Inter Miami, the Major League Soccer franchise owned by David Beckham, and in an interview with the I said he has spoken to a number of players who are exploring the possibility of a similar fee. to get. † way.

It’s unclear whether Premier League clubs will be willing to accept such an approach, although Gibbs said “I don’t think it would be that complicated”. A recent survey indicated that up to a quarter of Britons view cryptocurrency as “the future”. finances.”

Gibbs added: “I had a few people ask me. That’s kind of why I did it. I’m not a controversial person, I don’t talk about a lot of topics. But it’s something that called me to at least announce what I’m doing.

“It’s still a topic that people don’t fully understand and the main reason I announced it was to raise awareness, to get people to ask questions. I know many players, they have contacted and asked about it. I don’t tell them what to do, but I tell them why I did it and let people make the decisions for themselves. Maybe one or two listened to me.

A slew of players have started investing in non-fungible tokens in recent months, while a majority of Premier League teams have signed sponsorship deals with cryptocurrency partners. Liverpool and Manchester City have both launched mixed reception NFT series.

Kieran Gibbs in action for Arsenal.


Action images via Reuters)

Hal Robson-Kanu, the former West Bromwich Albion and Wales striker, was an early advocate for cryptocurrencies after launching a start-up in 2018. He recently described the expansion of crypto as “a formality” as it reduces the need for takes away from third parties. such as banks to process transactions.

“We live in a monetary system based on debt and the impact of federal reserves,” Robson-Kanu said. “What is money? Money is time. What is the transaction? It’s an agreement. Digital currencies, alternative currencies and digital ledgers that allow transactions to be seamlessly executed between peers around the world without a third party or central authority controlling them.

“We have always been a civilization based on transactions, be it stones, silver and gold or what we now call cash. It has always been there, but it has progressed from century to century and digital currency is a natural development for me. You can see that the approval of this one is a formality.

At the same time, Robson-Kanu argued that it is important to ensure that those who invest in cryptocurrencies inform themselves in advance. “It’s a very volatile market, so you want to understand what you’re doing,” he added. “You wouldn’t necessarily tell your grandma to go there and get involved at this point.”

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