IT FOR BUSINESS 2269; Contents of the February 2022 issue

Contents of IT for Business 2269 > File: Adapting the information system “data” to the professions / Survey: transition or timesharing IT departments / Interview: Robert Eusebe, Ingérop / Portrait: Marie-Anne Clerc, Malakoff Humanis / Analysis: IT & Presidential 2022…

The elections are fast approaching. Female and male politicians have already stormed radio and TV, and the newspapers spend much of their time evoking polls, programs and controversies.
They will have an impact on the lives of companies, especially as the redefinition of the idea of ​​work and the impact of digital technology on automated processes (see our Analyzes of the Month pages) and on ecology find their place in most programs and debates .
Not to mention that this election also happens to fall right in the middle of the French Presidency of the Council of Europe and that the candidate-president-elect Emmanuel Macron has cybersecurity and European sovereignty of data and the cloud among two strong themes of this presidency.
Still, the campaign has so far been more than discreetly invited to professional IT associations. On the month’s analytics pages, IT for Business returns to the Convergences Numériques manifesto whose content is a little too polished to hope for the slightest impact.

For many thinkers, collective intelligence is a political issue for the future of democracies. For Robert Eusebedirector of digital services at Ingerop, is that the case at least for the company and the development of its information system, he explains in our interview of the month

In the absence of policy, Marie-Anne Clerc career as a senior civil servant. She ultimately preferred the complexity of IT and cyber risk management. The IT department of Malakoff Humanis is in the spotlight of our section on Portrait of the month

Who says election campaign, says statistical studies and various polls. Data is at the heart of elections, even if we don’t talk about it much. Above all, it is now the core of companies, their transformation and their optimization. Increasingly experienced in the data business, the professions are forcing CIOs to reinvent data governance and change existing architecture towards one of the strong trends of the moment, “the data mesh”. Adapt the information system “data” to the business lines is exactly the theme of our file of the month

Faced with its exciting projects, some companies may turn to: DSI in timeshare or transition DSI to implement the required changes. It is the subject of our survey of the month that analyzes a relevant but still too little known offer.

Of course, in this issue you will also find the testimonials of colleagues who give their feedback: Socotec and his low-code experience, The Vaucluse Hospital Group and the solution for patient identification, the department of Haute-Savoie who has set up a digital workplace, Combigo and his MongoDB adventure on OVHcloud, Wendel investing in e-Learning to support users with IS changes, legendre and its automated business card entry system or even Covap, which has automated its logistics platform.

Startups are also in the spotlight a lot. Come with us to discover Blastream (live streaming), Algoan (Risk assessment), Bleexo (HR) and adaptos (analysis of emotions and feelings).

Welcome to the detailed summary ofIT for business 2269


“Developing the IS on the basis of collective intelligence”
Interview with Robert Eusebedirector of digital services at Ingerop


Adapt the information system “Data” to the companies
– Transformation of needstransformation of treatments
– From Hadoop cluster to the rise of the data hub
– New ways to break the limits of the data lake
– The data meshthe target architecture of the decade


Interim or timeshare CIOs: a relevant but little-known offering


Marie-Anne Clerc, CIO of Malakoff Humanis
“When the taste for the operational leads to IT”


Socotec monitoring streamlines its activity with low code
– A group Hopital scans his patient relationship
– The Department Haute-Savoie digitize it collaboration
Combigo find cheaper trips
Wendel invests in the e-learning
legendre streamlines the management of its contacts
Covap automates a logistics platform


presidential 2022 : the digital world is slowly getting started
Forester 2022 : quite encouraging predictions, but not for everyone
Cybersecurity : Publishers and the cloud become prime targets


APEC provides a record year for executive work


NFTswhat are the challenges for the CIO
– How buy SaaS


Integrating ethics into IoT projects, urgency


– And if you manage your cloud with the approach FinOps
Making the best solutions from hybrid cloud


Blastream democratize it live streaming
Algoan to evaluate the risks with APIs
Bleexo brings visibility to HR
adaptos analysisthe feelingusers


Data Center Energy Management

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