2017-2022: 5 years of action for the School of the Republic

2017-2022: 5 years of action for the School of the Republic

Raise the general level and fight against social inequalities : these were the two objectives that we set very clearly in 2017, in line with the commitments made by the President of the Republic in his election.

Since then, all these obligations have been fulfilled and even exceeded. : duplication of CP and CE1 classes in the priority education network (but also, from 2019, in the large kindergarten); strong revaluation of bonuses in REP+ to strengthen the attractiveness of functions and the stability of teams; conducting national assessments; device Homework done in college; reform of the vocational path; general secondary school reform; establishment of the School Evaluation Council; cell phone ban in high school; fight against bullying; establishment of a large public service for schools, etc.

The government policy pursued was aimed at all levers for the development of the school system : from teacher training to building an evaluation system, through structural reforms such as those of territorial organisation.
The principle was to give a strengthened scientific and republican basis to this policy through the establishment of a Scientific Council for National Education and a Council of Secular Elders.
Laws have enforced these changes, primarily the School of Trust Act, but also the Gatel Act to better regulate the situation of out-of-contract schools, the Rilhac Headmasters Act or even the Balanant Act on the

The budget supported the necessary efforts. There has never been such an increase: +13% in five years, in particular to give concrete form to the absolute priority for primary school.

The changes have been made to give roots and wings to every student in France† The roots: the basis of fundamental knowledge. The results for French and mathematics of primary school students improve markedly under the influence of various measures, in particular pedagogical measures. The wings: the personalization of the course, the reform of the secondary school in particular, translate a much greater freedom given to the students to find their way and are accompanied by a deepening of knowledge, and thus an increase in the level, as well as better preparation for higher education.

All of this was able to happen despite a health crisis of unprecedented proportions.† Thanks to its Open School policy, France, thanks to its teachers, its staff and all the national education partners, has been one of the countries best protecting children from the effects of incarceration. It will most likely be one of the few countries to make progress despite this difficult period.

Finally, the Grenelle of education, laid the foundations for a vital improvement in the recognition of national teaching staff through twelve commitments. And this began to materialize with, for the youngest,
salary increases at the start of a career of +10% between 2020 and 2022. This is the way to make our education system the most efficient in the world again.

The expansion in 2020 of the Ministry, which has now become the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sportsis indicative of a complete vision of the time of the child, the teenager, the young person: the Wednesday plan, the learning holidays and the various commitments for sports in school, such as 30 minutes of physical activity per day, started in 2020, illustrate this.

This was accompanied by a proactive social policy, in particular the Boarding Schools of Excellence, the Free Breakfasts or the Educational Cities, which targeted the most disadvantaged groups.

A pupil who goes to school with confidence and gains self-confidence thanks to a school that transmits to him the knowledge and values ​​that will guide him for life: this is the meaning and essence of the improvements made in five years by the work of the whole
French educational community.

The furrows thus drawn deserve to be deepened and completed in the service of our country and of each of its children.

5 years of action in numbers

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