One hundred students sue their osteopathy school in Bordeaux

The IOB is a school that has been awarding an osteopath diploma since 2011. (©Nathan Tacchi / News Bordeaux)

Located in the Bassins à flot district since 2011, theBordeaux Institute of Osteopathy (IOB), is the subject of legal proceedings brought by about a hundred students because of the loss of license

After leaving the establishment, the latter demand repayment of study advances, which they do not receive.

No accreditation, no osteopath diploma

The story starts on Saturday 24 July 2021, when student osteopaths at IOB receive an email signed by their director. There, they learn in horror that their school’s approval, which allows for a osteopath diplomawas not renewed by the Ministry of Health

However, without a diploma it is impossible to practice as an osteopath. It is a cold shower for Camille Duchesne, a student at the end of the 3rd year at the time of the events: “It was psychologically very hard, in the middle of July I heard that I had to change schools. ‘ she explains annoyed.

There are many reasons for this refusal: lack of hygiene, lack of insurance, non-compliance with the organization of training, which is nevertheless regulated by decrees… “How can you react to this kind of unfair statement?” director with his students.

The damage has been done

A few days after this email was sent, the training center received the students for a meeting, organized to inform them “about the different strategies already in place to recover [leur] approval as soon as possible”.

But the damage is done. Some students, about a hundred, have already taken the initiative and prefer to leave the establishment to pursue an accredited degree.

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They demand from the IOB that the deposit of 3,500 euros, paid as an advance on the tuition fees, be returned to them and that they receive their school data back. Indeed, this document justifies their clinical working hours, of which 700 are required to obtain the title of osteopath in the fifth year of their training.

“During the meeting, we received an agreement in principle,” explains Camille Sauty, a fourth-year student who left the IOB.

Turn around

In early August 2021, several students made phone and email requests to recover their amount owed. Without success. Finally, some will go to school and find themselves opposite the principal:

“He didn’t want to hear anything. He tells us it wasn’t responsible to leave. Worse, he printed our report cards by making us believe they were our school records,” said Camille Duchesne, who suspects management watch to play.

A profitable strategy, because at the beginning of October the school received preliminary approval for the 2021-2022 school year. The reason for this reversal of the ministry? “Despite the mobilization of all stakeholders to increase the number of osteopaths in accredited schools and support for students who cannot continue their education in schools that are no longer approved, the conditions do not seem to have been met today to allow the start of the school year. in good conditions,” said the Minister of Health Olivier Véran in a press release.

Consequence for the departed students: the approval is reassigned and the school refuses to refund the advanced tuition fees.

“We have an approval for this year, we respect our commitment. Students can’t just decide to break a contract,” said Maitre Durin, lawyer for the director of IOB.

The ping pong of reminders

At the beginning of October, the osteopaths in training decided to take the case to court by informing the school through a bailiff to return the money and the file to them.

In turn, the management responds and defaults some of these former students to pay EUR 5,700, ie the remainder of the tuition fees for the year 2021-2022, to which EUR 5,000 will be added in compensation.

In total, these young people risk paying almost 14,200 euros for the year 2021-2022, while paying for their current school. They now have to wait to be sent back to the court, which will decide whether or not to pay this debt.

The school, in turn, awaits the ministry’s decision on whether or not to renew its accreditation for the next five years.

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