Montpellier: The former director of the School of Architecture and a teacher returned to prison for harassment

FREE MIDI INFO Alain Derey and Jacques Brion will have to answer for moral harassment against teachers and students, after a direct quote from the prosecution. And also for the first of sexual harassment.

The former director of the National School of Architecture of Montpellier (Ensam) and today the head of the bookshop Sauramps Alain Derey and the former president of the Council for Student Life and teacher to Ensam Jacques Brion, are both sent back to the Montpellier Criminal Court against six people for moral intimidation by direct summons, the public prosecutor confirms. And Alain Derey for sexually harassing a school employee (below).

Prosecutors ruled after analyzing the reports sent to the prosecutor’s office by Ensam teachers, and disclosed in advance in a pre-audit report on psychosocial risks within the school, audit commissioned (as in many higher education institutions) by the Ministry of Culture. The content of which (finally published based on the incriminating testimonials) was revealed in the press in May 2020.

Testimonials from teachers but also from students (about twenty people) were not only denounced “swearing”inappropriate and unacceptable behavior in the workplace” but also “the opacity of the operation” of the school in particular, pointing to an over-influence of certain private architectural firms where certain Ensam teachers work together. Like a bomb.

Three teachers have appealed to the administrative court

The Ministry of Culture responded to these revelations by postponing the hiring of a new director and announcing the nine-month suspension of teacher Jacques Brion, who was eventually reinstated after winning his case in the administrative court in May 2021.

This Thursday, April 7, three teachers who were dismissed by the former management at the start of the 2020 school year after the revelations about the case, have applied for compensation from the administrative court. “These three people are among the school officials who denounced corruption at Ensam. They brought facts of moral and sexual harassment to the attention of the judicial authorities. They were openly threatened with non-renewal of their contract.”Me Mazas pleaded before the chairman of the administrative court Denis Besle.

“Systematic pressure”, denounce three teachers

“The school walked away from applicable procedures because privileges and violations of state guarantees were the norm”the publicist said. According to these three lecturers, who have been employed for many years in the establishment with recognized skills and who applied for the position of lecturer, the selection committee responsible for preparing the recruitment (transferred since a 2018 reform) consisted of“irregular” was prejudiced against them.

How can we tell a teacher who arrived first in the national competition that we are replacing her on the same courses with the same titles with a person who failed the competition, and also terminate the contract of the latter?, mentioned in particular the applicants’ lawyer as an example. Also courses from A to Z made by the relevant teacher. Me Mazas detailed“featured systematic pressure”

For the audience reporter, the selection committee”was impartial”in which the composition of the jury, according to him, “taking into account the interesting links” between certain members and candidates.

“Hostility not demonstrated,” says Ensam .’s lawyer

According to the rapporteurhostility” put forward by the candidates on the part of certain judges, including Jacques Brion’s wife, “is not demonstrated”. However, according to two of the candidate teachers, it is said to have started after they publicly questioned Jacques Brion’s wife’s skills as head of their field. Ensam’s lawyer Matthias Gimenez refuted the allegations, insisting that “the criminal investigation must not be used as a pretext for abuse of power”† The administrative judge will make a decision within a few days.

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