Le Pen: 14 minutes and some school announcements

We no longer speak of a “new pact” for teachers. The upgrade will be announced to all teachers by E Macron on April 20 during the second round of the debate. This is one of the announcements from an election night that only spent 14 minutes in school. Enough for any candidate to defend his school model: openness to business for E Macron, discipline and final exclusions for M Le Pen.

Convergence in Vocational High School

Le Pen: 14 minutes and some school announcementsLet us immediately mention the point of convergence of the two candidates in the presidential election. “I want to implement a major reform of the secondary vocational school,” said E Macron. “The interns were not paid. I want to pay them and be inspired by the great success of the internship”. “I want to revalue the professional sector, the variety, the apprenticeship system,” said M Le Pen. For once she pays tribute to E Macron: “you did something positive”. E Macron wants to double the duration of internships at companies, to reward these internships. A measure that will reduce general and vocational education in secondary schools by the same amount. And will reduce the number of teachers accordingly.

Duplication in 6th and 2nd

Emmanuel Macron has brought out some new features in his educational program. He announced that he wanted to “mobilize resources for 6th and 2nd class by having them split where necessary”. No numbers were given. But it is clear that, given the tensions among the teaching staff, this measure could only be introduced on a symbolic basis at the start of the 2022 school year.

Macron promises a revaluation without compensation

The second announcement concerns the upgrading of teachers. Until then, E Macron had pegged it to counterparties. Would be reassessed the teachers who would adhere to a “new pact” where they would commit to perform new tasks. There had been talk of linking reward to “merit”. It has been partially wiped out.

“We are moving towards the end of teacher reappraisal,” said E Macron. “We’re going to upgrade them all. But we’re going to upgrade very significantly, up to 20%, those who go for the most innovative methods.” A little later he adds that “the revaluation has started. I will continue it. Unconditionally the revaluation will be around 10%. There will be no career start below 2000 €. It is conditioned on nothing “.

E Macron has therefore evolved on this point. He now proposes a double scale of revision: 10% unconditionally and 20% for teachers who accept counterparts, those of the “new pact”.

The absence of counterparts allowed him to dominate the exchange with M Le Pen at this point. This announces a revaluation of 16% over 5 years. But in the first grade the teachers will have to do 5 hours extra work. “They would do half a day more in primary education, but they would be paid more,” she says.

Le Pen: the school of exclusion

M Le Pen emphasized safety in school. “Today, whole classes are being persecuted by a few individuals who are allowed to harm the entire class and spoil the future of certain students,” she says. “We have to be much stricter… We no longer dare to take definitive exclusions, even if that means opening specific boarding schools for these children with delinquency problems”. It thus introduces the selection that is at the heart of its education program as the pupils would be oriented from the 5th year. The patent would be a high school entrance exam, making it possible to orient students between high school streams or send them to work at the end of the 3rd year.

This disdain for the children of working-class families is reflected in the discussion about the countryside. “The doubling you have reserved them for difficult neighborhoods,” reproaches M. Le Pen. “It’s a good thing to open it up to all of France.” E Macron replies that splitting CP CE1 is not possible for all classes. “Look at the number of children per class: it is the lowest in our countryside,” says E Macron. “It’s not true,” replies M Le Pen.

Both are actually wrong. It is indeed the rural classes with the fewest pupils, even if there has been a tendency for years to group together in order to reduce the number of jobs in rural areas.

M Le Pen foresees a lot of duplication everywhere, but with higher thresholds than E Macron. In the first grade, classes would be limited to 20 students (and not 12). Specifically, this would lead to the elimination of positions in Rep and Rep+ to open them in private education, as we have shown† In the second grade, the ceiling would be set at 30, while the average class is 25 in public school and 28 in public high school. This reverse “duplication” would result in humiliating educational conditions in college. Given the selection during the second degree, the Le Pen reform would result in job losses to fund the upgrade.

In 14 minutes, the two candidates have finally developed their vision of a school where they not only have supporters, but very little.

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