From sport to NFT: PSG puts cleats on for the metaverse

Victory for PSG… in the metaverse – In the summer of 2020, the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) football club managed to get its token listed (the PSG Token) on the CoinMarketCap benchmark site. This year, the football club is tackling the metaverse and NFTs.

PSG heading for the metaverse and NFTs

Clearly, the PSG’s interest in the cryptos first, the metaverse and the NFTs second. indeed, the March 16, 2022 the famous football club has decided to make a Deposit sign to protect against possible usurpations in the NFT and metaverse sector† Applications for submitting the PARIS SAINT GERMAIN brand: relate to the following:

  • Downloadable audio and video recordings of sports highlights authenticated by NFTs;
  • downloadable media files containing text, audio, and video;
  • NFT-based products: clothing, bags, toys, sporting goods, sportswear and shoes, hats, caps, headphones, telephones, watches, balls, glasses for offline and/or online use (metavers);
  • downloadable software for managing cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology;
  • Hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies;
  • downloadable cryptographic key generation software for receiving and issuing cryptocurrencies;
  • Downloadable image files containing NFT-authenticated trading cards;
  • Downloadable image files containing artwork verified by NFTs.
Tweet from Master Michael Kondoudis about the PSG trademark application – Source: Twitter

In addition, the lawyer is specialized in trademark law, Michael Kondoudis spoke of these requests:

“This filing represents the next logical step to protect the brand as it moves through the metaverse. PSG clearly sees the potential of the metaverse and is preparing their brand for the virtual economy it will dominate.”

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The craze of sport for the metaverse

When we talk about the importance of the football sector, it is difficult to Manchester City† Indeed, last February, the current English Premier League champions announced his… partnerships with Tezos (XTZ) and Sony to make one virtual replica from the Etihad Stadium, the club’s home ground.

Then in the motorsport sector McLaren has already set foot in NFT, both with his F1 brand McLaren Racingthan with its range of luxury cars McLaren Automotive

In the United States, the number of trademark filings in the NFT sector is expected to increase significantly by 2021 3 brands were submitted 2020more than 1263 brands in respect of NFTs would have been filed in 2021

In 2022, deposits can still more numerous† In addition, Master Kondoudis expects that trademark applications in the NFT and Metaverse Sector Explode short:

“We expect the number of professional sports industry trademark filings for NFT and virtual products and services to increase over the next 12 months as brands begin to see the need for protection in the metaverse. †

Finally, just yesterday, the FIFA has announced that it has partnered with exchange platform for the World Cup to be hosted in Qatar in the winter of 2022. This partnership is undoubtedly a huge spotlight on the crypto sphere. The World Cup brings together several billion viewers every four years.

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