20 Minutes launches 20 Mint – The free reference puts NFTs and Web3 in the press

Print letters – Newspapers have been the rhythm of our lives for centuries. They have been able to move with the times and adapt to new technologies. Paper newspapers for some, digital for others, free or paid, in short: they have all been able to develop according to a known format. the Web 3 shakes up this established order with a new technology: that of blockchain† With a dynamic development, unstoppable now, it evolves without warning, with the internet of tomorrow.

The newspaper 20 Minutes, aware of this race that leaves some on the sidelines, wants to participate in blockchain information and news and create a new medium. NFTcryptocurrencies, BitcoinEthereum, metaverse: these almost poetic words for the initiated, barbaric and profound for the others, will soon leave in our cities to conquer our fellow citizens thanks to 20 Mint.

20 Mint: Writing Blockchain and Web 3.0

The editorial position of 20 Mint is clearly announced: inform, arouse interest, then if possible the attachment of the readers around this still too hermetic subject. Largely devoid of any public debate yet very much present in France, the world of blockchain needs to shine more. 20 Mint plans to participate by working to educate and educate the general public. The target? Participate in our society’s transition to Web 3.0

Also, 20 Mint disrupts the order established by a cryptosphere that is sometimes a little too shy in the face of the general public. For example, the new media propose to bring the blockchain to our fellow citizens.

“We believe that we all, in our personal and professional lives,girls touched by the innovations related to these technologies. Whole parts of the law will have to adapt to these upheavals. That everyone should be able to express themselves about this and that there is only one way to start this public debate: by giving our fellow citizens enough information to make a decision.

Laurent Bainier, editor-in-chief of 20 Minutes, initiated by the project 20 mint

Capsule Corp Labs in Printhead, CoinHouse in Paperback

20 Mint is not alone in its project. He surrounds himself with Mint Housea French cryptocurrency trading platform.

Tweet from Coinhouse – Source: Twitter

On the artistic side, what better NFT for a newspaper than a typewriter? Capsule Corp Labs, French NFT design studio and partner of choice, designs this 20 Mint Typewriter NFT† Invisible ink of 20 Mint, backbone of the magazine, they will make it possible to finance it, but above all to co-lead

Numbering 999, the coinie the act of creating, hitting the NFT will be available on the Ethereum blockchain in the spring. Each NFT has an algorithm, a code that is specific to it and that provides the typewriter with a unique function. With the Mintlist you can, if you want, have your NFT in preview (registrations per game on social networks).

NFT 20 Mint Typewriter – Source: Twitter

NFT 20 Mint: you are the editor in chief

Once struck, created, these NFT typewriters written in indelible ink on the blockchain† Real and non-fungible (Non-functioning token), the lucky owner will be able to take a seat in the virtual editorial office of the newspaper.

Indeed, by becoming owner of an NFTMintor) you have access to a reserved channel in the project discord. It allows you to participate in the heart of writing 20 Mint. Writing is not automatic, but collaborative. As with a board vote, you can participate in the life of the newspaper.

Special issues, interviews with Web 3 personalities, portraits, news: these virtual typewriters offer a beautiful, very real pen. Page after page, block of words after block of words, in time it will be possible to see the newspaper as a DAO: decentralized and autonomous

20 Mint’s approach is remarkable and unprecedented in France, while Web 3’s adoption by the general public is still in its infancy. The use of the site, of the application and then in the long run the emergence of a free paper version of an exclusive Web 3.0 newspaper is appealing. 20 Mint drops anchor and settles in the crypto community to let you write on the blockchain: the newspaper is also waiting impatiently for its “999 mecascriptophiles who ignore each other”.

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