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This Wednesday, April 20, 2022, we were surprised to see an NFT representing Charles de Gaulle pop up on Twitter. We explain to you what an NFT is, a dematerialized digital work, what its value is and what it could become.

In the past, derivatives around the character of General de Gaulle were material: corkscrews, nutcrackers, shoehornbells and even a Laughing Cow box. Today, the internet has taken over and “objects” are now dematerialized.

Complete collections from NFT featuring an image of General de Gaulle, including a portrait currently up for auction, which could fetch a minimum of $4,300. Not really a surprise for specialists.

“I was not really surprised when I saw an NFT Charles de Gaulle appear, we are hearing more and more about it. And de Gaulle is quoted almost every day on social networks, not to mention quotes from politicians. His name was spoken three or four times during the inter-round debate on Wednesday, April 20. Florian Philippot even has an iPhone case with the General’s picture,” explains Diane de . Vignemonta historian known on social networks for her specialization in questions related to De Gaulle.

“There are bots on Twitter that pick up daily news through inspirational words from” Francois Fillon “Can you imagine the General of… gaul… » To all sauces. “We have made De Gaulle a dematerialized figure that is very present in today’s world on the Internet. Very simple, because it is easy to say that as a Gaullist or as a Gaullian you are close. So either by relying on his political beliefs and his work, or by relying on his personality (his frankness, his love for France, and so forth and the De Gaulle year has only increased its presence in our daily livesadds:they.

As for the appearance of NFT Non-functioning tokenin French : token non-functioning) Diana van Vignemont expected it ever since some time. But maybe you don’t know exactly what a NFT specific.

hellmouth Banner, editor of the Journal du Angle, we gave an interview to shed some light on this trend.

“An NFT is a dematerialized work that is present on the Blockchain. What is the Blockchain? It is a technology that allows information to be stored and transmitted transparently, securely and without a central control body. NFT artworks therefore have strong authentication which is impossible to ask. Usually they are accompanied by privileges such as invitations to private parties or the opportunity to acquire the material works to which they are sometimes attached. To explain hellmouth Banner.

The NFT appeared in the continuity of the appearance of cryptocurrencies. Strongly frowned upon, their operating system is primarily:not recognized” said the editor of the Journal du Coin.

“NFTs, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are scaring people right now. They are systematically associated with the dark web, human trafficking, money laundering. Which is concretely incorrect as all financial transactions can be traced from one end to the other.” . And the most used money for the various transactions remains the dollar”, he details.

This fear is legitimate for someone who is unaware. She is known at every step of the internet.

Hellmouth Banner – Journal du Coin Editor in Chief

Before adding: NFTs are part of what is called web 3. A new way of using the internet. But when the Internet emerged in the 1990s, the fears were exactly the same. In the media we warned about the dangers of the Internet, we talked about a “network of networks” that financed crime, allowed traffickers and pedo criminals to operate. The “information tool” side was completely omitted. Only in use has the web 1 been recognized as useful, with its deviations of course. But urges that absolutely did not concern the majority of users.

Then web 2 came with the appearance of social networks: HAS their beginning, it was the same, we criticized. People took pride in having friends in real life and not needing a screen to see them. We argued that we could already send each other emails. Many did not believe in their development. Today, people who do not have a social network are not numerous. The creators of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have become digital and economic giants.”

And this is exactly the economic aspect of the internet which led to the emergence of web 3, of which: part the NFT Todaypeople’s data what they consume on the internet, their photos, their publications are no longer theirs. All data is owned by the economic giants of the Internet. Plagiarism is all the easier because almost everything is self-serve. It is to regain a form of freedom, ownership of its copyrights, that this new way of using the internet could be interesting.

About the origin of NFT around de Gaulle, hellmouth banner and Hard Drivean influencer specializing in cryptocurrencies is not surprised by their rise.

“Nowadays we find all kinds of things in the field of NFT. So you have to be careful. And find out the source behind the work. Whether it’s a simple portrait of De Gaulle or a sketch filter has been added, or a quick drawing done on a corner of the table The value of the work will not necessarily be significant. In short, it is like material art in the world”To explain Hard Driveinfluencer cryptocurrencies

Same speech at hellmouth Banner that adds: Today, 90% of NFTs that come out in a few months will be worthless and may even end up in the trash, including that of De Gaulle’s portrait. On the other hand, what might be interesting regarding the Grand Charles is that one day the Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises monument will come out of the NFT, as certain museums in France and around the world do. Museums lack revenue. Like an upcoming exhibition, the monument creates a series of 20 NFTs. This can create a direct cash flow, but also a future one. We’ve seen artists and museums create private events where only NFT owners were invited. They then keep investing and it becomes a vicious circle.”

With regard to the digital work representing De Gaulle currently auctioned at 1.444 ethereal (a Ccryptocurrencyi.e. $4,340, the cryptocurrency specialist remains skeptical and calls for caution from the potential buyer. But wouldn’t be surprised if other portraits of the general flourish on the sales sites of NFT

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