L’Expression: Nationale – The private school finds its way

L’Expression: Nationale – The private school finds its way

Overall, private school management is in a “stuttering” phase showing that the experience is still in the making. The great debate about teaching in English has obscured the problem of reforming the national education system.The issue of private/public schools raises an equal number of questions and comments from specialists in school pedagogy. The next school … Read more

Back to school – Health protocol in schools at the beginning of the 2022 school year

Back to school – Health protocol in schools at the beginning of the 2022 school year

Credits: © Ivan – stock.adobe.com The cabinet unveiled the health protocol planned for schools at the start of the school year on Monday, July 18, 2022. The strategy is based on face-to-face education, while limiting the spread of the virus within schools and educational institutions. And in accordance with the rules that apply outside the … Read more

Metaverse: Better Understand Its Huge Potential

In a report on the metaverse sector, Coinshare delivers insightful insights into how the metaverse could change society through groundbreaking blockchain technology. Like many web3 concepts, the definitions and interpretations of certain language elements can still be unclear. The metaverse is one of those terms. It can mean many things. And users don’t always agree … Read more

Crypto Portrait: Elizabeth Stark, the Activist Who Wants to Democratize Bitcoin

After campaigning for the defense of digital freedoms, Elizabeth Stark embarked on a crazy project that could be a game-changer for Bitcoin. ” We are working on bitcoinize the world with Lightning Here, summarized in a tweet, the incredible promise of Elizabeth Stark, the boss of Lightning Labs. This American company is working hard to … Read more

How much will Ethereum (ETH) be worth in 2040? Discover the predictions of 5 crypto experts for the price of ETH from 2022 to 2040!

Many experts believe that Ethereum’s steady growth and untapped potential could lead to significant price increases for its token, ETH. Let’s see why they think that and what ETH could be worth in the coming years in our article. ethereum price forecast. Ethereum Price Forecast from 2022 to 2040 2022: $14,000 2023: $62,000 2024: $44,000 … Read more

The summary: NFT Gems, BlackRock & BTC; Summer Hacks, Crypto VCs…

no vacation for the hackers; black rock joins forces with Coinbase; them crypto startups have already lifted $30 billion; the volatility from BTC seduces the institutional; them NFT panic of the industry luxury… L’news this week. The pirate don’t take any time off unlike many cybersecurity experts. They are therefore particularly active and attacks remain … Read more